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Wednesday , March 12 , 2003

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I also wouldn't buy real estate from him

No, really. True story. The Raelians are against war. It shouldn't be at all surprising that the followers of Rael, as a certified Wacko Cult, might be fairly opinionated about one thing or another. But really. NOBODY wants these people on their side, lest they become known as bizarro talking-to-furniture-about-the-impending-black-helicopter-invasion psychos by association.

And honestly, they'd be just another kooky UFO cult if it weren't for the story of their leader, Rael. The guy was a race car driver. A French race car driver. And he met an alien on top of a mountain. And the alien then divulged to him the secrets of the universe. Now... first of all, if I were an alien, and I wanted to spread a message to the world, I would probably choose somebody well-known and respected as my messenger and apostle. Rael does not qualify. Besides, just look at the elements of this story. French. Race car driver. Mountaintop meeting. Aliens. You couldn't come up with a more outlandish set of circumstances without first being subjected to major head trauma.

Really, among world religions, they're like that weird kid in elementary school who eats his own boogers and usually spends recess stomping on bugs. Which he then also eats. When it comes time to pick teams for kickball, nobody wants that kid. Really, do you want to be associated with the booger-and-bug-eater? Or worse, the Raelians? Didn't think so.

One bit of real news... I'll be taking something of a short hiatus next week... I'm going to be without internet access from home, so I figured that this might be a good week to feature guest comics drawn by some of the other artists on Keenspace. There's some good stuff in there. Probably. You'll just have to see.

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