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Comics I read - and so should you.
Achewood. I have no idea why this strip is funny to me. It just is.
The Adventure Chronicles! Mostly non-sequitur humor, and a character named "Tyler". These are good things.
Captain Suppository. I would have never expected this much action and adventure from a suppository. And you can quote me on that. Also, Friday is probably the most enchanting character design EVER.
Cinderblock. One of the few serial-style comics I can actually stand these days. Probably because the art is excellent and the humor is present. A lesson is to be learned here.
Cup of Suffering. There is an absolutely amazing level of quality to the writing and artwork in this strip. I would club a whole bathtub full of baby seals if it would make me half as skilled as these guys.
Diesel Sweeties. R. Stevens' pixellated comic about people and robots loving and loathing each other is a thing not to be missed. Unless you hate robots or something, in which case you probably have some issues already anyway.
  Eagle DNA. Drink four gallons of cough syrup, coat the insides of your nostrils with rubber cement, and hit yourself in the head with a tack hammer. Eagle DNA is just like that, except without the cough syrup, rubber cement, or tack hammer.
Elf Only Inn. A comic that takes place in an Internet role-playing chatroom, and has gone from cut-and-paste art to some very impressive hand-drawn art. Also: funny.
Hotel Grim. Very macabre subject matter here, but handled with humor. And the character designs are quite cool.
McVille. So there are some people. And a dead guy. And some demons. But get this... they all have round heads. Isn't that freaky?
Movie Punks. Probably the only film-oriented comic strip on the internet that's actually good. Plus, the one-word movie reviews are perfect for those of us with short attention spans. Ooh, look! String!
New Traditionalists. If you're expecting a comic about DEVO, you're going to be disappointed. However, if you're looking for biting political commentary punctuated with low-key humor, you're going to pee your pants when you see this comic.
Paragon Fishing. A couple of guys, some weird neighbors, and a dead Egyptian king. And no, I have no idea what the title is supposed to mean.
Penny Arcade. One of the more popular strips on this here inter-net, and chances are that you've already seen it. So linking to it seems kind of silly, really.
  Pokey the Penguin. Look at this comic. Now you know why women aren't supposed to inhale insecticide during pregnancy.
  Red Meat. Disturbing humor delivered by high-quality line-art characters. It doesn't get any better than this.
Rugg. One of the few comics I can think of that takes place on a farm. Definitely the only one that features a walking, talking, headless chicken.
  Sidwood. While a regular schedule of updates is severely lacking, the content that is there is quite good. It gets political at times, so watch your step.
Sinfest. There really isn't any good reason for Tatsuya Ishida's strip to NOT be syndicated yet. Further proof that our society is clueless. Buncha savages in this town.
Weirdism. A goth girl and a ditzy blonde girl... in the same house... that's how you spell "conflict". Also, Liz Groenveld's art is phenomenal.
Exchanged links - you link to me, I link back. It's like a game.
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Other stuff - the weird, the odd, and the informative. An online comics search engine and directory.

Farchie Archie. I can't decide if this comic is funny or not. Sometimes it makes me snicker, and sometimes it makes me want to purify the internet with a cleansing fire.

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