The cast.
Your typical everyday angst-ridden goth-boy twentysomething.
The resident geek of Random Axe, Arlo has a penchant for gadgetry, an adoration for the underdog operating system BeOS, and a particular hatred for a certain software monopoly.
I'm still not entirely sure what Tyler is. So stop trying to figure it out. Your brain will implode first.
The standard-issue counter droid at the local Scarbux Coffee shop.
Scarbux™ is an entity invented by Andy Simmons, and is not intended to bear any likeness to any other major Coffee Juggernaut, living or dead, despite the fact that it bears a striking resemblance to a certain Seattle-based company that also happens to serve coffee that tastes like charcoal-briquette squeezings. That "Scarbux™" may happen to possibly rhyme with the name of said producer of horrendous burnt-bean-water is also purely coincidental.

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