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Monday , April 21 , 2003

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Not that they invented it, of course.

I grow increasingly dismayed and disgusted with the American patent system and copyright law. These two things, designed to protect the little guy, have been so horrendously perverted and distorted that they now serve to work against the little guy, and in favor of huge corporations.

No longer is it a way for budding independent businesspeople to ensure that they receive payment for their creations. No, now it's a way to lock people out, to prevent competition from ever happening. It's a way for to prevent anyone else from using one-click shopping. It's a way for Disney Corp. to continue to milk the cash-cow creations of Walt Disney... creations of which some would be public domain soon, if it weren't for some creative buggering of the law by Disney's own personal law-puppet, Senator Fritz Hollings.

And here I am, giving this crap away for free. What am I, stupid?

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