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Friday , May 2 , 2003

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I'm older than I've ever been, and now I'm even older

So today marks the first comic of my late twenties. Boy oh boy, is that weird. I momentarily considered posting a link to my Amazon wish list here, but instead of that, if you want to wish me a happy birthday, why not buy something for yourself from the RAoK store?

There's been some hubbub recently about a little program called Comic Reaper. It basically allows you to retrieve comics from multiple places without any of the page layout or news or rants or ads or anything. I've been trying to decide how I feel about this, and while I can understand the benefit of trimming off the fat and just getting the comic, it's important to note that many webcomics and webcomic hosting services exist purely on ad revenue, and Comic Reaper and its brethren deny page authors of that. Remember, if hosting Services like Keenspace go under, THOUSANDS of comics will disappear entirely. Yes, most of them are crappy, but several are not, and I think RAoK might be one of the less-crappy.

It's not even like downloading MP3s. Using Comic Reaper saves you no money, it just screws comic authors and hosting services. So... unless you're actively donating to comic authors on a regular basis, avoid Comic Reaper and similar programs. Please. Do it for the comics.

Also, RAoK is now on the BuzzComics Top 100 list. Go vote for RAoK if you really, really love me. Or even if you don't.
In other webcomic news, Dods Calavera and Gris Gris from Hotel Grim are taking central roles in this big webcomic crossover. Looks like it could be very cool, very dark stuff.

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