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Wednesday , May 7 , 2003

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True story.

I really did finally get a TiVo -- more specifically, one of those DirecTV/TiVo units -- and after less than half a day with it, I am already enamoured with the thing. Seriously, if deities watch TV, I'm convinced that this is the manner in which they do it.

Some of you may be wondering now if TiVo or DirecTV or Hughes or whatever is paying me to lavish their products with such praise, and the answer is a stern NO with a slightly less stern BUT I WOULDN'T TURN DOWN SUCH AN OFFER. As far as I'm concerned, whoring yourself out isn't really morally reprehensible unless you don't actually like or use the thing you're selling.

But the long and short of it is that I, as a human being with a need for entertainment, heartily endorse TiVo. And though Cecil obviously likes it too, RAoK as a comic remains neutral on the subject. At least until I start seeing some money for the endorsement.

Also... please keep voting for RAoK! Your votes have catapulted the comic into the top ten of the BuzzComics list, but it's starting to drop out again. If you can remember to vote on at least one of the voting links (though preferably all, you know?) every time you visit, we can all be happy and stuff. The more you vote, the more people become aware of the comic, the more people read it, the less I have to bug you about this crap. I appreciate it, everybody.

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