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Wednesday , May 21 , 2003

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Yeah. So.

I guess sometimes I forget and allow the mean to overpower the funny. I hope none of you mind too much.

I've been hearing and reading quite a few reviews and analyses and bits of speculation on The Matrix: Reloaded, and based on some of the predictions I've heard about the nature of the Matrix and the content of the next movie, I'd like to go ahead and make a suggestion for anyone who plans to see The Matrix: Revolutions. Go out immediately and find yourself a copy of The Thirteenth Floor. This movie was released around the same time as The Matrix, but was largely overlooked because, though it dealt with some similar topics (computers and the concept of reality), it didn't have all of the flashy action sequences the Wachowskis' movie did. In fact, because of the similarity of content, many people blew the movie off as a "Matrix rip-off". Regardless, The Thirteenth Floor utilized a major plot twist that some people are now predicting to see in the third Matrix film, and I think it's fairly important for the world at large to see at least one good film that used it first.

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