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Wednesday , July 2 , 2003

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And never the twang shall meet

Some of you might have noticed that the site has been kind of funky lately, what with updates not happening or with old comics showing, or with the site simply being unavailable. You can blame all of these directly on KeenSpace. I hate to say it, but it's really getting on my nerves. They seem to alternate between having the entire site down and having the FTP server down (preventing me from uploading new strips), and some changes they've made to the site have made it so that you might see an old comic, even though the new one is up. The lesson for the day is that if you come here, and you see an old comic, reload the page, because there really might be a new one. It's lame that I have to explain that, or that you should even have to do that, but that's just the way it works right now.

In brighter news, RAoK got more readers last month than it has ever before, and I have you people to thank for that. Thank you for passing the word along, thank you for sharing links with friends, and thank you for voting.

And speaking of voting, the Buzzcomics top list has been reset for July, so it's time to help RAoK secure a top spot again. So go get your vote on, if you please. And thanks again.

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