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Monday , September 15 , 2003

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It's okay, we're all criminals here.

No, I am not being sued by the RIAA, so don't go getting all concerned. However, I do have a problem with the tactics being taken by the major record labels and their representation in this situation, and I am most certainly equipped to rant about that, but I'm kind of tired right now, so maybe I'll speak my mind on this subject on Wednesday. Unless, of course, the problem fixes itself before then. Either way you're both a winner and a loser at once. How cool and/or crappy is that?

The big news for today is that RAoK has been honored with the award for "Outstanding Humor" in the first annual BuzzAwards. It's the first official award that this strip has been granted, so this is kind of a special thing. Revel in its beauty with me, won't you?

Go ahead, touch it. You helped win it, after all.

We keep flirting with the #1 spot on the BuzzComix top list, but we're not quite there yet. A little of your special voting mojo would go a long way here. Try it, you just might like it.


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