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Monday , October 6 , 2003

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Long time, no see

So, hey. How's it goin'?

You might have noticed that I've been kinda sorta absent. Well... there were lots of parts to that. Hurricane Isabel kept me from getting a comic up a little while back, and then hurricane Crappy-Servers struck Keenspace immediately afterward. So now we're finally back in business. Come on now, you didn't think I'd intentionally deprive you of... well... whatever it is that I provide, did you?

So the site downtime certainly would have been enough to mortally wound us where the BuzzComix rankings are concerned, but now it seems that a LOT of very large and very popular comics have also made their way over to the bCx list. So it would be great if you could vote and help us work our way back up from pathetic #18.


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