As comics go, being really witty and insightful and poignant are wonderful things. Art that grabs you by your optic nerves and shakes all the change out of your pockets is also very important.

But these things alone do not a successful comic make. Exposure does. Word of mouth does. Being linked to not only from successful, professional websites, but also from sites that still link to the Hamster Dance page. Which, through some kind of sick irony, now includes me. Crap.

Anyway, you're probably asking yourself, "self, how can I help make Random Axe of Kindness more successful?" Well, the answer is simple. Vote. Vote vote vote vote vote. Click on the links below to vote for RAoK on various top comics lists. Do it every day. Do it because you love this comic. Do it because you're a good citizen. Do it because the voices tell you to.

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