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Friday , February 21 , 2003

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Svitch, comrade.

I was raised in a PC family. I started learning DOS 5.0 back when it was new. This was my punishment for wiping the root directory of my dad's C:\ drive. I was to learn how not to do stupid things on the computer. All told, a revolutionary -- and ultimately, beneficial for me -- kind of punishment. My dad brought home a DOS 5.0 book, and before I knew it, I had created a box of specially configured boot disks for a dozen or so different games.

It followed naturally that i would align myself with the PC side of the force, bristling at the slightest mention of those damned pinko commie Apple users. This was, of course, before Microsoft became truly gargantuan, and before Bill Gates dropped the facade that prevented the world from knowing that he was, in fact, Satan.

Over time, I saw my beloved DOS destroyed, as Windows kind of grew out of it, devouring it, eventually taking over, and now coming dangerously close to eliminating DOS entirely. It's been like watching The Fly, but with a little less regurgitation.

I got used to UNIX in college, and later started installing Linux on my own computers, but it didn't take long for me to realize that I was still using Windows far more, simply because of applications. While some apps had decent Linux analogues, others were either entirely absent or significantly flawed. So I remain stuck with Windows.

But now I'm seeing more of the apps I use become available for OS X, and that interests me. I don't care how easy it was for Alex Schoknecht, professional mewling pantywaist, to install his Zip drive, and I don't care how conducive Ellen Feiss may feel the Apple platform is to writing papers while completely baked. All I care about is that the applications I use are available to me, and that the continued use of my computer isn't simultaneously lining Bill Gates' pockets.

So... yeah. I'm thinking about switching. But it's an expensive prospect. So. You know. Donations are always welcome.

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