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Wednesday , February 26 , 2003

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Public humiliation, I choose you!

Okay, I admit it. I'm a huge dork. I made disparaging comments about Pokemon for quite some time before I actually tried playing the game, and I was quite disturbed to find that, once I had tried the game, I was hooked. I can now imagine what Robin Leach might feel like if he should ever come to the stark realization that he happens to really like Yoo-Hoo.

So now that there is a new Pokemon game coming out, chances are that I'm going to get it. And chances are that I'm going to play it. And yes, there's even the distinct possibility that I might like it.

But if you should see me in the store buying the game, you might as well not bother poking fun at me. Like a cornered animal, I will then unleash my secret defense mechanism upon you, rendering you definitely speechless, and quite possibly blind.

I'll tell you that I'm buying it for my wife.

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