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Monday , April 7 , 2003

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Which is probably a good thing

When I first went to work for a dot-com, this was truly the corporate culture that was prevalent. Excess was good, and more excess was better. We didn't actually play Quake on the corporate intranet (not that I know of, anyway), nor did we have a foosball table... but I know a lot of other people who also were in dot-coms at the time, and what Arlo describes here typifies the vast majority of them.

Things change though, and most of those dot-coms are either a) gone, or b) changed, having dropped the ".com" from the company name and sliced away the fat, and a lot of good meat along with it.

It's a scary economy. There is no such thing as job security any more... no matter what you do, it could be next week that your company needs to tighten its belt. And if you're self employed, it could be next week that your company becomes obsolete, either because someone else does what you do only better/faster/cheaper, or because some new law has made what you do illegal.

I'd love to say that I don't worry about work because I can make my living doing this comic... but this strip nets me exactly jack squat. If you think you'd be willing to donate to The Cause and change that, e-mail me and I'll look into setting up a Paypal or Amazon-style donation whatzit. If you think you'd be more likely to donate in exchange for signed/personalized art and/or comics, let me know that, too. I do read my e-mail. Answering it is a whole different thing.

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