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Monday , June 2 , 2003

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And yet it just sounds squishy when you stomp on it.

I'm not sure that I can make it much more evident that I think our Homeland Security Advisory system is completely... well, I'd say "retarded", but that really would be a big insult to the mentally handicapped. Honestly, I think that a team of drunken tree sloths with rubber mallets for hands could write up a better means of informing the public as to how completely screwed we are.

Seriously, this is the eighth time our status has changed, and it's never been anything besides "elevated" or "high". They might as well blend the two into one single color, so that they don't have to bother updating the alert level ever again. And let's be realistic. Why did they even bother including "low" on the chart? The last time America was that relaxed was about, um... never. And it's not going to happen. We're always going to be worried about someone doing something that our somebody somewhere doesn't approve of. If we were to ever get to the point where we were in "low" status, we would be able to pretty much dismantle our military, so rest assured, it's not happening, ever.

I should also point out that the BuzzComics top list has been reset for June, and so RAoK is now pretty far down the list (number 17 or so at the moment), and that's no good at all. Please, take it upon yourselves as absolute voting fiends and cast your vote for RAoK. Also, feel free to leave a review of the comic, if you're one of those types who rites english real gud. I apprecate the reviews that have already been written, especially the one by "Zir", who seems to have ejected his/her brain matter nasally twice in the course of reading this comic. Now that, my friends, is dedication.

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