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Monday , July 14 , 2003

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Yet another fool pitied.

Not a lot to say about today's comic, I suppose, except for the fact that wow, Ahhhhnold has been in some seriously awful movies.

I am, however, proud to make a little announcement. It seems that Joe Angerson, author of the wonderful FishTanked has chosen RAoK as this week's "Catch Of The Week". He even takes great pains to shower both the strip and me with compliments (demented? Me? Oh, you flatterer!) in the process. But he also refers to RAoK as "relatively well-known". And seriously, that's a revelation that I've been ignorant of, by and large. I still thought this thing was obscure, like pirate radio or a Microsoft security patch.

So I guess if you can still respect me for possibly no longer being the cult comic pseudo-hero that I quite possibly never was, please go ahead and vote for the comic. If nothing else, maybe that can catapult this strip from "relatively well-known" to "a complete sell-out". And you have no idea how much I want to see store shelves littered with plush Tyler dolls. I would die from happiness.

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