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Wednesday , July 16 , 2003

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But I have a coupon

I have often wondered if our society could ever abandon the abstract idea of "money" and return to an actual barter-based system of commerce. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that we can't because seriously, when you've got four thousand people working together to create a movie, how does one distribute among them the various gewgaws and doodads that people would probably pay with? Clearly, we're stuck with money. But you can't blame a guy (or whatever) for trying to get rid of a few dead simians.

Geek news recently brings us the tale of Netscape's recent departure from AOL/TimeWarner, and so the geek world is, appropriately, consumed with misty-eyed daydreaming, brow-furrowing speculation, and soapbox-centric pontification about the futures of Netscape and Mozilla, and whether or not the newly-unchained development team can hope to oust Internet Exploder from its throne as the Browser Of Choice For The Unwashed Masses. Now, I don't often find myself in a position to proselytize, so hold on to your pants, because I'm about to do just that. If you're using IE, I strongly encourage you to look into an alternative browser such as Mozilla or -- my broswer of choice -- Opera. Either one is, quite simply, superior to IE. I could go into reasons why here, but really, there are far geekier people who could explain in much greater detail.

And here's the part where I once again beg, pauper-like, for you to take the time to vote for RAoK. Competition is getting tight in the top 10, and we keep jumping between #3 and #5. And really, this is one of those cases where smaller numbers are better, or so I'm told.

ALSO (yes, there's more!) I'm starting to examine various options for printing out some actual real-life dead-tree RAoK compilation books. There are downsides to every one of the options I've explored so far, so I'm trying to pick the least offensive one. I'll keep you updated. On top of that, if you do have any opinions on a hard-copy RAoK book -- whether or not you'd really buy one, what you'd like to see in it, etc. -- please let me know. I love hearing from you guys (and ladies. Especially the ladies).

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