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Friday , July 18 , 2003

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Knock the Monkey

I'm really not sure what one does with a dead monkey, exactly. Goldfish, you flush down the toilet. Hamsters, gerbils, and guinea pigs, you bury in a shoebox in the backyard. Dogs, apparently, you have freeze-dried, and cats, I believe, are supposed to be breaded and served with fried rice. But a monkey? It's like a very small, hairy person. You might as well have a dead pro soccer player on your hands.

You know, as relatively obscure as RAoK is, there have been a handful of people who have asked, with seriousness in their eyes and hearts (and probably their pants, too), whether or not I am going to be at [insert name of comic convention here]. The answer at this time, in all cases, is "no". First and foremost, most of the big conventions are way out on the West coast, which is completely the opposite side of the continent from me. So unless I felt comfortable that people might actually show up and care that I was there, I think I would prefer to save myself the trip. The only convention I know of that's even somewhat close to me geographically is Dragon*Con. I'm definitely not going to have a booth/table/whatever there this year, though I'm still waffling on whether or not I want to go just as one of the common-folk (Bob Burden is the single biggest draw for me, easily). Depending on how things go though, on how the RAoK audience grows over the next year, I may consider setting up shop at next year's Dragon*Con. And if that goes well, I might look into some of the other cons. And from there... THE WORLD.

All of you who are of the voting persuasion should give yourself a hand and a pat on the back (or at least ask someone else to pat you on the back. Go on, you deserve it), because as of this writing, RAoK has just fallen back into fourth place on the BuzzComics list, after being #3 all night long. I think it would be pretty sweet if we could hold the #3 spot for a few days on end, and the way to make that happen is to vote like you've never voted before. Or, if you've been voting once per day, continue voting in the manner to which you are accustomed. Your brain will thank you for it. And so will I.

Also, I'm not above taking RAoK into printed publications (in fact, I'm all for it) so if any of you are aware of some small periodicals that might be interested in running RAoK every so often, drop me a line. Seriously, I will bestow a signed original strip upon anyone who can direct me to a publication that decides to run my comic. Think of it like a contest, only more noble.

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