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Wednesday , July 30 , 2003

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On the one hand, getting this much mileage out of jokes about dead primates seems somewhat wrong. On the other hand, no dead monkeys have complained directly, and if they don't care, neither do I.

I should point out that the whole voting thing is going quite splendidly. Since last week, RAoK has jumped solidly into the #2 spot, with a big enough delta between us and the #3 comic that we're pretty much guaranteed to hold this position through the end of the month, and that's excellent.

Now, here's the really cool thing. BuzzcomiX has this new "hall of fame" thing going on, where any comic that ends up a month in the #1 spot receives a little star. Once a comic has three stars, it is removed from the top comics list and placed into the hall of fame where it either stays for a month before returning to the top list, or it stays forever, at the artist's discretion. The current #1 comic has already accrued two stars, and is quite comfortably going to end up this month in the top spot as well, which means that next month, it's out of the top comics list. Now. If all of you keep voting next month like you have this month, that will easily put RAoK into the #1 spot next month, and seriously, that would be the most amazing thing ever. If we can manage to be in the #1 spot at the end of next month, I'm going to have to do something for you people. I don't know what yet, maybe a special series of strips, or an extra-long strip, or maybe add some new characters or something. SOMETHING will happen, though. So, that in mind, go ahead and vote today, and brace yourself for some furious competition beginning Friday, when the top list resets.

I swear, RAoK has the best readers ever, and even if this strip never makes it into the "big time" (either as defined by Penny Arcade or Dilbert), I want you all to know that I'm really proud of how far things have gone thanks to you. Rock on, kids.

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