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Friday , August 1 , 2003

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This comic made from 95% recycled material

Well, I know how much everybody loved the concept of piles of dead and rotting monkeys, but I'm afraid that I'm going to have to put an end to all this continuity. So today's strip marks the official end of the Dead Monkey Saga (I would call it a "storyline", but that suggests that I might have actually sat down beforehand and decided how this entire thing was going to progress... and nothing could be further from the truth). I'm not promising that I'll never again make a joke about dead monkeys, but at least you won't read anything about them here for a while.

Also, today begins a new month, which means that the BuzzComix top comics list has reset back to zero, and the race begins anew. At the moment, RAoK is at #4 and gradually climbing, but #1 is where we want to be, right? Note that the comic that has dominated the list for the past three months, Catharsis, has collected her third star and has now transcended the list to take her place in the Hall of Fame. Which means ownership of the #1 spot is up for grabs. And like I said before, if everyone votes just like they did last month, we could finally end the month as the #1 comic on the list. So put your special voting garb on if you have any, and vote, vote, vote.

And I've already begun planning what kind of special thing I'm going to do if we take #1 this month, so... yeah. I'll be keeping busy. :) But you're all worth it, I think.

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