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Wednesday , August 6 , 2003

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Buzz, buzz

Not much to say about today's strip except that I really have had caffeinated beverages that have produced similar effects in me. Clearly, my body has not discorporated, but there were moments where I was so full of frenetic energy that I was sure my every atom was going to agree to break up the band and try a solo career. Fortunately for me, I remain intact. I win. FLAWLESS VICTORY.

The voting action continues, and we remain at the top of the Buzzcomix list. I know that it's only six days into the month, but we're looking good for taking #1 at the end of the month, barring some bizarre catastrophe. This is going to be a good month, I can tell.

Also, some trivia for you. You've probably heard the word in the last panel, "stat", used in a few cheesy hospital dramas, but do you know what it really means or where it comes from? I do. It's short for the latin statim, meaning "at once". And Now You Know. And now nobody can say that you'll never learn anything from comics.

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