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Friday , August 8 , 2003

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Will kill for food

Eugene is easily one of my favorite characters in this strip, and I hate the fact that it's often kind of difficult to include him in the strip. I'm going to do my best over the next few days to try to give him the exposure he deserves.

We're still #1 on the BuzzComix top list, and the vote margin between us and the #2 comic grows daily. And that's pretty wild. Your continued voting is very much appreciated, and I can't express that enough.

In fact, do you realize that RAoK's readership has more than tripled (nearly quadrupled) since February of this year? It's an astounding thing, let me assure you. When I first started this thing, I figured I'd be lucky if I got eight readers a day, and now I'm often getting more than eight hundred. Blows. My. Mind.

I'm probably going to go ahead and set up a RAoK forum through BuzzComix... the person who runs the site seems very competent, not to mention friendly, and I've been quite happy with all of the services on bCx so far. Seriously, if they decide to start hosting comics, KeenSpace is in for some trouble. I'm playing around with PHPBB templates now for the first time, so that perhaps I can blend the forum in with the rest of the site. We'll see. In any event, I'll post a link to the forums here (and give it a permanant link on the page) when everything is ready.

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