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Monday , August 11 , 2003

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Works well with people

And just as soon as it had ended, continuity begins anew. It's sometimes nice to have a few strips in a row that all make sense together. Except that they make no sense whatsoever if you're reading through the archives backwards. So don't do that.

We maintain the #1 position on the BuzzComix top list still, and every day the degree to which we are greasing the #2 comic increases. It's impressive, really. I mean, look at it... as I write this, there is a 170 vote delta between RAoK and the #2 comic... that's more votes than the #11 comic on the list has in toto. Please note that I'm not trying to gloat here... I'm just continually amazed by the sheer dedication and raw cultish devotion that RAoK readers seem to have to the comic. It's a glorious thing. Keep right on voting, you beautiful people, you.

As good as things have been going, I decided it was time for the fans to get to speak their minds on the comic publicly, and now you can. The RAoK Forum is now officially up and running, thanks to BuzzComix. Hopefully, I'll eventually restyle the page to better fit with the look of the rest of the RAoK site, but for now at least it works. So go right ahead and get your gab on.

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