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Wednesday , August 20 , 2003

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Goth coffee: tall, dark, and bitter

It occurs to me now, after the fact, that a "large" is the smallest size at several coffee shops I can think of, so really, Cecil is kind of suggesting that Eugene's mom is petite. And that really just doesn't have the same sting to it.

I'd mention the RAoK forum here, but I've already done that enough this week. I'd certainly hate to bring it up again, or it would look like I was happy about it or something.

You should vote, because terrorists don't vote, and you're not a TERRORIST, are you? ARE YOU? Well... even if you are, you should vote. Viva la revolucion and stuff.

Following a brief hiatus while the creators were traveling abroad, Weirdism is back on a (semi-) regular update schedule. I'm an avid fan of Liz Groenveld's art, and you have to admit that the guest strip she illustrated for RAoK a while back was one of the most lovely things ever to grace the three-panel gag comic format. So go and check their new stuff out. No, really. Go.

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