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Wednesday , August 27 , 2003

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The myriad ways in which a beverage could be noticeably or covertly tainted are virtually without bound, and I am extremely grateful for that.

There was more wackiness with the votingness recently, and you may not have even noticed it. It seems that Tim Buckley added his strip, Ctrl-Alt-Del, to the list on Monday. I don't know if maybe he underestimated the size of his audience or what, but as of Tuesday night, he had already booted RAoK out of the number one spot. That means that CAD got more votes in two days than we got in twenty-six. So roughly thirteen times the votes. That's a lot. At any rate, his comic is no longer on the bCx list... maybe he got tired of watching the scarlet splattering and hearing the wet schlup of his readers plunging their bloody voting fists into and out of the freshly pulped RAoK. I'm not complaining about CAD's presence on the list, though. Just being there drove a decent amount of additional traffic to RAoK, and I'm always grateful for that. So you can still vote, if you're into that.

While we're on the subject of BuzzComix... I mentioned on Monday (in a late addendum) that we had been nominated for the category of "Outstanding Humor" in the first annual BuzzAwards. The cool part is that you, the readers, get to vote on the awards, too. Simply get yourself down to the BuzzComix Forums, sign up (if you have trouble, see the help info I've posted in the RAoK forum), and vote away. Those of you who have signed up and are posting in the RAoK forum are already members of the greater BuzzComix forums, so you can just go ahead and vote. You know. If you like to help.


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