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Monday , April 14 , 2003

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Dude, you can put your RAM in there.

Unless you've been living on another planet, or in some backwards country with a fascist media-controlling government, or worse, some combination of the two -- Communist Uranus springs to mind -- you've probably heard or seen comedians make jokes about how serious drug users become infatuated with the tools of their particular form of recreation, fixating on how various (read: all) objects in their environment could potentially be modified to facilitate the consumption of a given drug.

The simple fact is that this behaviour (spelling it with a "u" makes me feel all snooty) is not unique to drug users. It does, in fact, extend to the power-computing geek. Spend some time, if you dare, browsing various forums and web pages dedicated to computer hardware, and you will be amazed -- no, aghast -- at the plethora of household items that have been modified to house fully armed and operational personal computers. I've seen briefcases, aquariums, VCRs, beverage coolers, even Lego™ constructs housing working computers, all displayed and paraded about without even the sliver of remorse that Dr. Frankenstein might have exhibited. No, these people are proud of their freakish creations.

Also, I want to illustrate just how much willpower I had to exercise with this comic. The temptation to make a joke about Arlo's "patient" receiving a new "blowhole" was well-nigh overwhelming.

Finally, the phrase "in this case" in the last panel is intended to mean "in this particular situation". I realize now that it could be read such that "case" means "a computer housing". That wasn't my intent. But I'm sure not changing it now. Think of it as a free joke. Two! Two! Two jokes in one!

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